Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I have thought of doing this before but because I'm such a procrastinator about certain things...housework being one of them. I never got around to doing a Tackle It Tuesday post until now. Actually my motivation came while I was reading blogs. Someone had done a meme and one of the questions was when was the last time you cleaned under your fridge. Well, personally, I got to thinking and I couldn't even remember but this person said, that's easy....she does it once a week...every Monday. I thought that was a great idea especially cause them any leftovers still there you know can be tossed rather than the usual scenario of hubby asking me, "Dear, how old is this? or, when did you cook this?". Wll I cleaned my fridge top to bottom yesterday and here is the results. You can't really see by the pictures how dirty and sticky my fridge was inside under the shelves and drawers but trust me, it needed a good cleaning!
P.S. Sorry the pics are sideways but I don't have time right now to edit & rotate them as I need to go get showered myself and then get my kids up for school. But I also don't want to leave this undone so this is it for now...I hope you don't get a sore neck from looking sideways.....



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